Bifen I/T Insecticide 4oz


Bifen IT with Bifenthrin 7.9% is a flowable multi-purpose insecticide. Bifen IT has a long residual control with a product label of over 75 insects. This broad label on Bifen IT includes turf and ornamental applications, food handling applications, indoor and outdoor applications, and termite treatments. Bifen IT is a synthetic pyrethroid and a low odor chemical.

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Bifen IT controls over 75 different pests, such as, Japanese Beetles, Mole Crickets, Clover mites, Stink bugs, Spiders , Ticks, Earwigs, Mosquitoes, chinch bugs, Millipedes, Fleas(outside), Flies, Millipedes, Pill bugs, Scorpions, Bees & Wasps, Spiders, Roaches, Ants, Chiggers, and Spittle bugs.

Bifen IT is safe with pets, birds, mammals, and reptiles if you follow label instructions.