Purina Game Bird Breeder Layena


Purina® Game Bird Breeder Layena® feed is specifically designed to meet the special dietary requirements of breeder hens. It is formulated to support fertility, embryo development and egg production for all game birds.

Purina® Game Bird Breeder Layena® feed can be fed to egg-laying pheasants, quail, ducks, geese, chukars, guinea hens and other exotic game birds.

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Features & Benefits

Unique, flexible and complete formula

Balanced to provide the nutrients all laying game birds need for proper production and eggshell strength

Balanced levels of amino acids, energy, vitamins and minerals

Designed to keep breeders in top condition for egg production and hatchability

High protein diet

20% protein recipe to support bird health, egg production and healthy, strong chicks at hatch


For strong eggshells

Optimum levels of amino acids and salt

Proper blend of amino acids and salt help suppress aggressive behavior and cannibalism

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