TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps


  • Attracts and traps grain moths, flour moths, meal moths, and seed moths
  • Pheromone lure attracts moths to the sticky trap where it gets stuck and dies
  • Ready-to-use and non-toxic sticky traps
  • Folded design prevents children or pets from touching the sticky surface

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TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps

Protect the pantry with TERRO®’s easy to use, non-toxic pantry moth traps. These traps attract common pantry moths using a powerful pheromone lure. After coming in contact with the sticky surface, moths get stuck and die of dehydration.



Pesticide-free and easy-to-use, grain moths, flour moths, meal moths and seed moths are captured by the sticky surface on the TERRO® Pantry Moth Trap where they get stuck and die. Each package includes two glue traps. The insect traps can be folded to prevent children and pets from coming into contact with the sticky surface, or they may be used unfolded to lie flat.


The TERRO® Pantry Moth Traps come with two lures, lasting up to 3 months each. Each lure is stored in airtight pouches to prevent the attractant from depleting prior to use, so they remain fresh until opened. By placing the lure on the trap before use, it ensures moths will be able to find the trap with ease. Be sure to check the trap weekly to determine if it is full or dirty. If so, replace with a new trap.

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how to use

Directions for Pantry Moth Trap Use


  1. Pre-fold trap on fold lines.
  2. Remove paper backing from the glue surface of the trap.
  3. Gently press the lure into the center of the trap.
  4. Re-fold the trap along the fold lines, forming a tent.

TERRO® Pantry Moth Trap Product Details

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TERRO® Pantry Moth Trap
Model # CT2900
  • 2 glue traps
  • 2 pheromone lures
Effective Against Pantry moths:

  • grain moths
  • flour moths
  • meal moths
  • seed moths
How it Works
  • Traps active moths
  • Alerts of new moth infestations